The leading producer of Patient Recruitment radio and commercial video advertisements.

Triniti Media is in business to fulfill the production needs of the clinical trial industry. We bring both artistic creativity and a technical understanding of broadcast bundled with superior customer service.

Triniti Media is a leader in commercial video production. The vision for Triniti Media was birthed from recognizing the wide gap between high-end and low-end production quality in patient recruitment advertising. With a $10,000+ budget, one would think you could have the TV commercial of your dreams done by a great production house. However, after pouring over scripts, storyboards, reviewing actors and actresses, and looking at production schedules, you may have your spot done in a month - IF your are lucky! On the flip side, we’ve all seen those commercials that look like they were done by a 7th grader using PowerPoint in his garage. While probably cheap and maybe completed in a timely manner, most of these efforts fail to represent the quality or professionalism of the end client. Triniti Media recognizes the need to bridge those two extremes and provide quality, cost-effective, and timely advertising for recruiters who are on a budget and deadline.

So we thought, "Why don’t we start the production before they even ask?" Why not have the storyboards, the graphics, and the animations ready to go, so when our customer needs the spot in three days, we can deliver? And why not provide a service that fits within our clients’ advertising budgets, making them realistic and effective? Why not?

As far as we’re concerned, we’ve only just begun. We have plenty of new templates and design ideas on the way, and can’t wait to introduce them to our customers. Speaking of introductions, we would like to introduce ourselves to you…

Triniti Media is a leader in commercial video production.

Nathan Aune

Nathan's creative expression began at a very young age. As a child, a pen and paper could keep him busy for hours. As he grew up, the outlet of his creativity changed, from fingerpaint to crayons to pencil drawings. At the same time, his interest in music was demonstrated by his frequent singing and playing musical instruments. Shortly out of college, these two passions collided as Nathan was introduced to video productions. Today, Nathan loves the challenge of visually and musically communicating a message of value and importance. The fulfillment of creative expression and the desire for excellence in media productions keeps him coming back for more.

Triniti Media is a leader in commercial video production.

Ryan Speier

Known by his close friends as a nerd and storyteller, Ryan loves the marriage that visual media provides to technology and art. Whether fake movie scenes in the back yard during middle school or film festival entries, it is a passion for learning and film's ability to influence people that drives him to keep improving. “Stories are such a pivotal part of humanity—visual media allows me to express these stories in ways that help people understand their lives.” Ryan hopes to attend film school in the future, but for now is excited to pursue his passions with Triniti Media.