The leading producer of Patient Recruitment radio and commercial video advertisements. Triniti Media is a leader in commercial video production.

Let's Make It Simple.

You’ve tried it before: You contracted a production company to produce a TV spot and it takes three weeks, only to find that the IRB has requested a few "small" changes. Now you are stuck, do you rehire talent and shell out even more, or do you settle for a less-than-desirable ‘budget-friendly’ commercial? You shouldn’t have to wait for high quality production and you shouldn’t have to have a Hollywood-sized budget...Enter Triniti Media.

Whether you are a single research site or a sponsor conducting a study in 100 markets across the country, our patient recruitment templates will help achieve your recruitment goals.

Working with Triniti Media is easy:

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1. Choose a template.

Browse through our library of ready-to-customize templates to find one that suits your tastes. All text and photo/video content will be customized to target your specific patient population. If you don’t see any templates that suit your needs, let us know. Our creative team can design one from scratch.

Once you purchase a template, you retain the exclusive rights to that template in your market. You may then customize the template as many times as you desire, paying only for the customization.